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Located in a serene valley within the charming village of Fore, lies the ancient monastic settlement of Fore Abbey. Established in the seventh century AD by St Feichin, it is said that the community once housed 300 monks before Feichin’s passing. Today, visitors can marvel at the remnants of this sacred place, including a church constructed around AD 900 and the 18 Fore crosses scattered across the surrounding fields and roadways.

The site of Fore Abbey boasts seven mystical attractions known as the ‘Seven Wonders of Fore,’ which have garnered legendary status over time. These wonders include the remarkable monastery built on a bog, the incredible mill without a race (which, according to legend, was created by St Feichin’s holy staff that brought forth flowing water), and the astonishing lintel stone lifted by the saint's miraculous prayers.

To fully immerse oneself in the history and wonder of Fore Abbey, visitors can embark on St Feichin's Way, a circular walking trail that encompasses the fabled locations. This scenic path offers an excellent opportunity to explore the beauty of the region and to experience the peaceful and spiritual atmosphere of this ancient monastic settlement.