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Founded by St. Molaise in the 6th century, the Devenish Island monastery was the most important of Lough Erne's many island monasteries. Over the centuries, it became a large parish attracting pilgrims and parishioners until the 1600s. The remains of the buildings visible today date back to the 12th, 13th, and 15th centuries, with remnants of the island's earlier history hidden beneath your feet.

Devenish was a holy place of worship, scholarship, and burial, only accessible by water. It served as a place of welcome for pilgrims, where people lived, worked, and prayed. It was also a safe meeting place for powerful chieftains and religious leaders, earning the name "Devenish of the Assemblies."

While Devenish Island is open to visitors, please take care near high walls as loose masonry has been reported. Visitors should also note that the toilets on the site are currently closed.

Please note that Devenish Island is only accessible by water. Visitors can reach the island via water transport provided by operators such as Erne Water Taxi, Erne Tours, Erne Boat Hire, and Manor House Marine. The ferry service from Trory Jetty is not currently operational. Permission to hold an event on the island requires consent from the Historic Environment Division DfC.