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St Mullins Village Monastic Site Co Carlow. Image courtesy Ireland's Content Pool

St Mullins Village Monastic Site Co Carlow. Image courtesy Ireland's Content Pool

Exploring the Ancient Village of St Mullins in County Carlow

Discover the rich history and tranquil beauty of St Mullins Village, with its monastic ruins, round tower, and holy well.

Located along the River Barrow in the southern part of County Carlow, the charming village of St Mullins is steeped in history and tradition. Once home to a monastery founded by St Moling in the 7th century, the village is a testament to the enduring legacy of Ireland's early Christian heritage.

Today, visitors to St Mullins can explore the remaining ecclesiastical ruins situated at the back of the graveyard, which include five churches and the remains of a round tower. The area also boasts a high cross and a holy well, both of which are believed to have healing properties.

St. Mullins Heritage Centre provides a fascinating account of village and rural life over the centuries, with publications, church records, maps, old photographs, and artifacts. The centre also offers a genealogy service and guided tours by appointment.

The former Church of Ireland Church, situated beside the renowned monastic ruins and cemetery, was originally built in 1811 and is now used as a community hall for local events.

On the outskirts of St Mullins lie the ruins of an early medieval church, built in thanksgiving to St. Moling who freed the area of Ossory from paying a tax in cows, known as the Boroma tribute, to the High Kings of Ireland.

The tranquil beauty of the village, nestled between the Blackstairs Mountains and Brandon Hill, makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike. Take a stroll along the River Barrow, enjoy a picnic in the scenic surroundings, or simply soak up the peace and tranquillity of this ancient and beautiful village.