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Tintern Abbey, a Cistercian monastery founded around 1200 by William, Earl Marshal, is a significant historical site in County Wexford. The abbey was established as a daughter-house of Tintern Major in Wales and is often referred to as Tintern de Voto. The nave, chancel, tower, chapel, and cloister of the original structure still stand.

In the 16th century, the abbey was granted to the Colclough family and the church was converted into living quarters, which were further adapted over the centuries. The Colclough family occupied the abbey from the 16th century until the mid-20th century. Conservation works have included special measures to protect the local bat colonies.

Tintern Abbey is situated in a special area of conservation and is surrounded by woodland, which offers visitors walking trails to explore the area's natural beauty. A must-visit site within the abbey's grounds is the restored Colclough Walled Garden, which is situated within the old estate. Overall, Tintern Abbey is a fascinating destination for those interested in Ireland's rich religious and cultural history.