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The Giant's Causeway is a geological wonder located in Northern Ireland that has captured the imagination of all who have seen it. The site boasts over 40,000 basalt stone columns left by volcanic eruptions 60 million years ago, creating a landscape of dramatic cliffs that flanks the wild North Atlantic Ocean. It is recognized as one of Northern Ireland's most precious landscapes and is cared for by the National Trust, a registered conservation charity dedicated to protecting beautiful and special places for everyone to enjoy.

The award-winning Visitor Centre at the Giant's Causeway offers a state-of-the-art interpretation that unlocks the mystery, myth, and legend of this amazing place. Visitors can explore the exhibition to learn about the geological history of the site and the myths and legends that surround it. Joining a guided tour with a member of the National Trust team is an excellent way to unlock the myth and legend of the landscape, and visitors can also enjoy the pure ease of use audio guide, available in different languages, which takes them on a personal journey of discovery around the site.

All visitors are encouraged to pre-book Visitor Experience tickets online before they visit to ensure they get the most out of their visit to the Giant's Causeway. Whether you're interested in geology, history, or legend, the Giant's Causeway is a must-see destination that offers a unique glimpse into the wonder of this amazing place.