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Ballycastle Beach

Ballycastle Co Antrim - Image courtesy Flip Robinson, Giant Tours Ireland - Ireland's Content Pool

Ballycastle Beach Co Antrim - Image courtesy Flip Robinson, Giant Tours Ireland - Ireland's Content Pool

A Guide to Ballycastle Beach: A Hidden Gem on the Antrim Coast

Ballycastle Beach is a stunning tourist spot located on the Causeway Coast Route of Northern Ireland, boasting an approximately 1.2-kilometer stretch of sand and shingle. This beach is a hidden gem on the Antrim Coast, offering various amenities and activities for visitors to enjoy.

The western end of the beach features a promenade and a marina, providing a picturesque view of the bay. Visitors can enjoy swimming without restrictions as the beach is supervised by RNLI Beach Lifeguards during the peak season of July-August. The beach is also child-friendly and dog-friendly, with certain restrictions during June-September. Additionally, wheelchair access, disabled toilets, and disabled parking are available, making it accessible for everyone.

The beach also boasts a rich history and geology, with the eastern end forming part of Ballycastle Coalfield ASSI. This area showcases a series of Carboniferous sedimentary rocks and fossils such as shellfish, fish remains, giant clubmosses, and arthropod insects. It also contains evidence of early industrial activity, including mining of coal and iron ores between the 16th and 19th centuries.

Apart from its stunning views and historical significance, Ballycastle Beach also offers various recreational activities such as golfing. The beach runs along Ballycastle Golf Course, providing an ideal spot for golf enthusiasts to practice their swing. The Visitor Information Centre located nearby offers bike rental services, enabling visitors to explore the area at their own pace.

In conclusion, Ballycastle Beach is a must-visit location for anyone visiting Northern Ireland, offering an ideal balance of natural beauty, history, and recreation. With its stunning views, accessibility, and rich history, this is truly a hidden gem on the Antrim Coast.


There is also a wealth of things to do nearby, here are just a few suggestions:

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