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Embark on a short excursion from Letterkenny to witness the technology that powered the Industrial Revolution at Newmills Corn and Flax Mills. The site's oldest building dates back 400 years, and there have been mills in operation at Newmills since the early 1800s.

During the Victorian era, the complex centered around a flax mill that provided critical supplies to Ulster's linen industry, which served as the backbone of the local economy. In addition, a corn mill ground barley, oats, and imported maize. Over time, Newmills expanded to include a public house, a scutcher's cottage, and a forge.

By the early 1900s, Newmills had evolved to export food, with the earliest shipments of butter, bacon, and eggs destined for Sir Thomas Lipton's budding grocery empire in Glasgow. The waterwheel that drove the corn mill can still be observed in operation and remains one of the most substantial working waterwheels on the island.