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Maynooth Castle, a magnificent stone fortress founded in the early thirteenth century, is an iconic symbol of Ireland's rich cultural and political history. It was built by the Fitzgeralds, the earls of Kildare, who rose to prominence as one of the most influential families in the country.

Garret Mór, known as the Great Earl of Kildare, governed Ireland in the name of the king from 1487 to 1513, and Maynooth Castle served as his seat of power. It was also one of the largest and wealthiest residences owned by the Fitzgeralds.

The original keep, constructed around 1200, was one of the most extensive structures of its kind in Ireland. Inside the castle, the great hall was a hub of political power and cultural activity, reflecting the wealth and prestige of the Fitzgeralds.

Maynooth Castle is located in the heart of the town, only 30 kilometers from Dublin, and is surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds and lush greenery, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Visitors can explore the captivating exhibition in the keep, which offers a fascinating insight into the history of the castle and the Fitzgerald family. This exhibition provides an opportunity to learn about the lifestyle, achievements, and legacy of one of the most influential dynasties in Irish history.