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Step back in time at Manorhamilton Castle: Uncovering Ireland's Dramatic History

The ruins of Manorhamilton Castle, dating back to the 17th century, loom large over the charming town of Manorhamilton in County Leitrim.

The castle's history is as dramatic as its appearance, with tales of cruelty and oppression carried out by Sir Frederick Hamilton, the castle's overlord, whose name became synonymous with brutality.

Despite its dark past, the castle is now open year-round as a Heritage Centre, providing visitors with a glimpse into what life was like in the 17th century through its permanent exhibition of artifacts, replica costumes and furniture, and a model of the castle. Guided tours of the castle ruins and grounds are also available, led by knowledgeable and experienced guides.

A visit to Manorhamilton Castle is a fascinating and educational experience, offering a unique insight into Ireland's rich and complex history.

Make sure to also explore the town's Heritage Trail, signposted for further historical discoveries.