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Listowel Castle, perched atop a hill with a commanding view of the River Feale, was strategically constructed at a crossing point and serves as an outstanding representation of Anglo-Norman architecture in Kerry. Despite only half of the original castle remaining, the two extant square towers, each towering over 15 meters, are connected by an equally tall curtain wall and uniquely joined by an arch on one side, which is atypical for castles of this kind. In 1569, during the First Desmond Rebellion, Listowel served as the final stronghold against Queen Elizabeth I's forces.

Following a 28-day siege, Sir Charles Wilmot's army eventually captured the castle's garrison, and all the soldiers within were executed in the subsequent events. Adjacent to the castle is the Seanchaí, the Kerry Literary and Cultural Centre, which provides an engaging journey through the region's history and the narrative of the castle itself.