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Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum & Gardens, Co Wexford

Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum & Gardens, Co Wexford

Discover the Enchanting Johnstown Castle Estate in Wexford

Nestled just outside the charming town of Wexford, Johnstown Castle Estate is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the southeast of Ireland. This stunning Gothic Revival castle is surrounded by lush gardens and tranquil lakes, making it the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The castle itself is a sight to behold, with its magical turrets, arched windows, and ornate details that transport visitors back in time. You can book a guided tour to learn about the fascinating history of the castle, including the unique servants' tunnel that stretches an incredible 86 metres.

But the castle is just the beginning of what Johnstown Castle Estate has to offer. The ornamental gardens, designed by Daniel Robertson, offer a serene setting for a leisurely stroll. Meander along the pretty pathways, admire the tranquil, tree-dotted gardens, and see the castle reflected in the shimmering waters of the lake. You may even spot peacocks roaming around the gardens.

The walled gardens, in particular, are a must-see, with their unique sculptures and beautiful flower displays. The gardens are home to a variety of rare and exotic plants, including a magnificent Monkey Puzzle tree that is over 150 years old. It's easy to see why the gardens have been described as "the jewel in the crown of Irish gardens."

For families with children, the wooded play area is the perfect spot for some outdoor fun, while the Irish Agricultural Museum in the former castle farmyard is an informative and engaging way to learn about Ireland's agricultural heritage. You can explore recreated wheelwright workshops and check out the impeccably restored tractors, ploughs, and threshing machines.

There are also plenty of things to do nearby. The town of Wexford is full of charming cafes, restaurants, and shops, and is home to the National Opera House. For a dose of history, head to the Irish National Heritage Park, where you can learn about Ireland's ancient past through immersive exhibits and reconstructions. Alternatively, take a trip to the Hook Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the world, and enjoy panoramic views of the rugged coastline.

Overall, Johnstown Castle Estate is a stunning destination that offers a glimpse into Ireland's rich history and natural beauty. With its castle, gardens, museum, and play area, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're looking to soak up the peaceful countryside or learn about Ireland's agricultural heritage, Johnstown Castle Estate is the perfect place to spend a day. Don't forget to prebook your castle tour and plan your visit today!