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Dublin Castle, a historic fortress in the heart of Dublin, has played an integral role in Irish history since its construction in the thirteenth century. Originally a military stronghold and a seat of English and British rule in Ireland for 700 years, the castle has since been rebuilt and renovated over the centuries. Today, it serves as a government complex and an important venue for state ceremonies.

Visitors can explore the castle's rich history by taking a guided tour of the state apartments, undercroft, chapel royal, and heritage centre. The state apartments are adorned with beautiful furnishings, paintings, and tapestries, and have hosted many high-profile events, such as state visits and official receptions. The undercroft, a series of vaulted chambers beneath the castle, was once used as a storage area for wine and other goods. Now, it houses an exhibition on the history of the castle and its role in Irish history.

The castle's chapel royal is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture and features stunning stained glass windows and intricate stonework. Visitors can attend services and events held in the chapel throughout the year.

After exploring the castle, visitors can dine in the elegant castle restaurant or enjoy a stroll in the castle gardens. The gardens, which date back to the seventeenth century, feature beautiful landscaping and sculptures, making them a peaceful oasis in the heart of the bustling city.