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Nestled amidst breathtaking views of lush green rolling hills lies a mysterious stone circle, offering an inspiring experience. The purpose of this enigmatic circle remains a mystery, but a local man named Geordie Barnett discovered the stones in the 1930s while cutting peat. They were identified as some of the oldest and most important Neolithic remains in the UK and Ireland, quickly becoming a national sensation. Geordie was a self-taught archaeologist and poet whose spirit still inhabits the place he made famous.

Your enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides will offer clues to the purpose of the circle. One theory is that the mountain people who lived here six millennia ago used the stones as an astronomical observatory, aligning paths with the rising of the sun and setting of the moon. You can learn ancient techniques to track their movements, hear myths and tales connected to the stones, and walk energising ley lines between them. You'll also enjoy a fun-filled experience full of history, astronomy and storytelling, complete with a picnic and an optional trip to the Shepherd's Rest Pub for more storytelling and refreshments. This makes for an insightful and reflective experience, full of natural wonder and beauty.