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Curracloe Beach

Curracloe beach Co Wexford ©Failte Ireland Image courtesy Ireland's Content Pool

Curracloe beach Co Wexford ©Failte Ireland Image courtesy Ireland's Content Pool

Curracloe Beach: A Gem of County Wexford

Experience Curracloe Beach's soft sands, scenic trails, and fascinating history.

Nestled in County Wexford, Curracloe Beach is a stunning white sandy beach that stretches for miles along the Irish coastline. Renowned for its soft, fine sand, it is not only a breathtaking sight but also a key location in a Hollywood movie, featuring in the opening scenes of 'Saving Private Ryan' directed by Steven Spielberg.

The beach extends from Raven Point to Ballyconigar near Blackwater and is an exceptionally safe area for bathing. Its golden sands are surrounded by undulating sand dunes, home to a variety of flourishing plants during the spring and summer months. Curracloe Beach is part of an 11km (7-mile) long strand, proudly boasting Blue Flag status, lifeguards on-site during the summer months, and toilet facilities available at White Gap.

While visiting Curracloe, explore the nature trail that weaves through the dunes, providing an opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna. The Raven Point Wood walk is another must-see attraction, where lucky visitors may spot red squirrels, grey seals, and other wildlife.

Aside from its picturesque beach, Curracloe offers several nearby attractions worth exploring. The charming town of Wexford is just a short drive away, providing an array of shopping and dining options. The area is also popular for walking during the warmer months, with its unbroken beach offering an idyllic opportunity to stroll along the coast.

For a unique experience, retrace the steps of Hollywood by visiting the locations used in the filming of 'Saving Private Ryan.' The beach was transformed into Omaha Beach for the movie's iconic 24-minute D-Day landing scene, considered by many as one of the greatest battle scenes ever filmed.

Curracloe Beach features three access points along its length: Ballinesker, White Gap, and Culletons Gap. Wooden boardwalks lead from the car parks to the beach, with Ballinesker being wheelchair accessible. Regularly awarded Blue Flag status, the beach offers an array of amenities both on and off the sand, ensuring a comfortable visit.

In conclusion, Curracloe Beach is a must-visit destination in County Wexford, offering visitors an unforgettable experience with its soft sands, scenic trails, and captivating history. Ideal for sunbathers, nature lovers, and film enthusiasts alike, Curracloe Beach is a gem waiting to be discovered on Ireland's southeast coast.