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Barryscourt Castle, situated in County Cork, Ireland, was the residence of the Barry family, who were prominent Anglo-Norman lords. This Castle is a prime example of a restored Irish Tower House, built between 1392 and 1420. The castle comprises an outer bawn wall and well-preserved corner towers. The first floor of the Tower House has a 'drop-hole' that served as a dungeon, where prisoners were thrown down from the second floor.

During the late sixteenth century Irish rebellions, the Barrys supported the Fitzgeralds of Desmond, and as a result, to prevent it from falling into the hands of Sir Walter Raleigh and his army, the Barrys intentionally damaged the Castle. Subsequently, during the Irish Confederate War in the seventeenth century, the Castle faced another attack, as evident from the cannon balls lodged in the wall above the Castle entrance.

The last head of the Barry family was Lord David Barry. Later on, Barryscourt Castle underwent significant restorations, and the Main Hall and Great Hall have been reinstated with fittings and furnishings. Moreover, the herb and knot garden, along with the orchard within the Castle grounds, has been restored to their original sixteenth-century design, adding to the Castle's charm and elegance. Barryscourt Castle stands today as a historic monument to the Barry family's legacy and their contribution to Irish history.