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Ballyholme Beach


Bangor Pier, Bangor, Co Down, Ballyholme Beach - ©Bernie Brown Image courtesy of Tourism Northern Ireland

Bangor Pier, Bangor, Co Down, Ballyholme Beach - ©Bernie Brown Image courtesy of Tourism Northern Ireland

Unwind at Ballyholme Beach, a sandy seaside haven with nearby attractions in Bangor, Co. Down, N.Ireland.

In the seaside town of Bangor, Ballyholme Beach is a beautiful suburban beach offering 1.3 km of sandy shores perfect for a relaxing coastal getaway. Framed by rocky shores on both ends, the beach is backed by a seawall and promenade, making it an ideal spot for leisurely walks and family picnics.

The eastern end of the beach each features a privately-owned woodland area, as well as a car park, public toilets, and a children's play area. Meanwhile, the western end of the beach is home to additional public toilets, a smaller children's play area, and the Ballyholme Yacht Club, which sits adjacent to the bathing area. Groynes crisscross the beach, and bathing water signage, including safety information, is displayed throughout. From June to September, annual bathing water information is provided, although it is essential to note that no lifeguard service operates at this beach.

Facilities available at the beach include car parking, child-friendly areas, dog-friendly zones, and toilets. The beach also offers amenities for visitors with limited mobility, such as disabled toilets and disabled parking. Water quality at the beach is classified as good, making it a wonderful spot for swimming and splashing around.

For those seeking adventure, Ballymacormick Point is a nearby rocky outcrop situated between Bangor and the quaint village of Groomsport. Known for its gorse-covered landscape, Ballymacormick Point offers rough walking paths and opportunities to spot birds, flowers, and foxes. The best approach to Ballymacormick Point is through Groomsport, although it is possible to reach it from the east end of Ballyholme Beach during low tide. This natural attraction is accessible year-round and serves as an excellent addition to your Ballyholme Beach experience.

In the surrounding area, visitors can explore the residential suburb of Ballyholme and discover local eateries, shops, and additional attractions. Whether you're seeking a peaceful beach day, a leisurely walk along the promenade, or a chance to explore nearby natural wonders, Ballyholme Beach and its surroundings offer a delightful escape in Bangor, N.Ireland.