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Ballyhack Castle, a formidable tower house perched on the edge of a steep valley, commands an awe-inspiring view of Waterford Estuary. This mighty fortress is believed to have been constructed by the Knights Hospitallers of St. John, one of the famous military orders established during the Crusades, in approximately 1450.

Rising to a height of five stories, the tower boasts robust walls that have remained intact, including the wall walk. At the second floor of the north-eastern wall, a small chapel has been incorporated into the structure, complete with a piscina, aumbry, and altar.

The castle's entrance is well-protected, featuring both an external machicolation and an internal murder hole, enabling defenders to throw rocks or pour boiling water, hot sand, or boiling oil on any enemy foolish enough to attack.

As visitors explore the castle, they can marvel at an assortment of replica armor on display, relating to both the Crusades and the Normans. These artifacts are sure to spark the imagination and transport guests back in time.