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Athenry Castle, located in western Ireland, is an imposing and monumental structure that has stood the test of time. Built in the mid-thirteenth century, it served as a strategic fortress, guarding a crucial ford on the Clarinbridge River. The castle's three-storey hall-keep, which is still standing today, is a testament to the formidable power of its original builders.

Although the castle's interior is relatively simple, with only a single hall at the first-floor level and dark storerooms below, it boasts fine carvings that speak to its grandeur. The remarkable local School of the West style is evident in the intricate floral motifs that adorn the doorway and two of the window openings, adding to the castle's ornate and impressive exterior.

The battlements of Athenry Castle, which feature tall arrow-loops through which defenders could fend off attackers over the centuries, are original and offer a glimpse into the castle's storied history. Visitors flock to Athenry Castle to immerse themselves in the authentic medieval atmosphere and experience the awe-inspiring power that this mighty fortress still exudes to this day.