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Tinneys Bar Derry & The Shirt Factory Bar.

Experience authentic Irish hospitality at Tinney's Bar, and explore Derry's industrial heritage at The Shirt Factory upstairs.

Immerse yourself in the charm and warmth of Tinney's Bar, a family-owned gem located on Patrick Street, just off the bustling Strand Road in Derry, Ireland. Established in 1847, this beloved local pub is nestled between Patrick Street and Great James Street, just around the corner from the Grand Central Bar. With nearby accommodations like the Holiday Inn Derry and City Hotel, Tinney's Bar is a convenient and welcoming stop for visitors and locals alike.

Tinney's Bar is famed for its legendary Guinness and the friendly, colorful characters who frequent it. An open fire creates a cozy atmosphere, complemented by the warm welcome from the exceptional bar staff. This quintessential Irish bar has attracted visitors from across the globe, many of whom find themselves coming back for more.

In addition to the traditional pub experience, Tinney's Bar offers a heated smoke terrace, full disability access, televised sports, free Wi-Fi, and a dedicated function room upstairs. This room, themed around Derry's Shirt Factory heritage, houses The Shirt Factory, a cocktail lounge that celebrates the city's unique industrial past.

The Shirt Factory, managed by London-trained mixologist Caolan McClafferty, offers premium cocktails in a vintage setting. The lounge showcases memorabilia from Derry's shirt factories, including artefacts from the Bayview Factory owned by Edward Tinney, the owner's grandfather. Local artists Jude McCandless and Liam Bradley have also created a specially commissioned mural depicting the iconic image of factory girls in front of Tillie & Hendersons, alongside a wall image of factory workers by Print Chameleon.

While in Derry, be sure to explore the nearby attractions, such as the historic city walls, the Peace Bridge, and the Tower Museum. Art lovers can visit the Void Contemporary Art Gallery, while history buffs can delve into the past at the Museum of Free Derry. If you're feeling adventurous, take a day trip to the stunning Malin Head situated at the northernmost point of the Inishowen Peninsula. Here you can check out the Star Wars filming location.
The cast and crew of Star Wars filmed at Hell's Hole, a wild and treacherous ravine shaped by the powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tinneys Bar Derry and The Shirt Factory invite you to experience a piece of Derry's history and enjoy authentic Irish hospitality. So why wait? Plan your visit today!