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Castle Street Social Derry - image from www.castlestreetsocial.co.uk

Castle Street Social Derry - image from www.castlestreetsocial.co.uk

Experience Derry’s heart through local flavors at Castle Street Social.

Embark on a flavorful journey in the heart of Derry city at Castle Street Social, a family-owned restaurant and cocktail bar that offers a casual dining experience with a special emphasis on community and conviviality. With fresh local ingredients playing a starring role, this vibrant eatery is your go-to destination for a delightful taste of Northern Ireland.

Dine with us from Thursday to Sunday, with opening hours extending into the night on Fridays and Saturdays. Our menus are crafted to cater to every palate, with a diverse range of dishes that feature the best local produce. From sizzling slow-cooked pork ribs drenched in Korean BBQ sauce to homemade potato gnocchi adorned with crispy ham, sage, and parmesan cream, every dish is a testament to our love for quality and flavor. Additionally, we offer a dedicated vegan menu with hearty options like our Sweet Potato Satay and Risotto, making sure there’s something delicious for everyone.

Our small plates, designed for sharing, encourage diners to experience multiple dishes and flavors. And, should you have specific dietary requirements, we're more than happy to accommodate – we can adjust most dishes to be gluten-free.

To accompany our diverse menu, the Social boasts a dynamic cocktail bar, with skilled bartenders ready to mix your favorite classics or suggest new concoctions. The experience is not complete without trying one of our local brews or gins from suppliers like Dopey Dick Brewery or Earhart Gin.

While relishing the vibrant atmosphere at Castle Street Social, you’ll also be pleased to know that you are supporting local businesses. We proudly source our ingredients from local suppliers like Mc Atamney's Butchers, Donegal Prime Fish, and Corndale Chorizo.

Exploring the city of Derry wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Castle Street Social. After a satisfying meal, take a walk along the city’s ancient walls or visit the Tower Museum to delve into Derry's rich history. If you’re in for a shopping spree, Foyleside Shopping Centre and Richmond Centre are a short stroll away.

At Castle Street Social, you'll not only experience the finest local ingredients and hospitality but also a true taste of Derry's vibrant community spirit. It's more than a meal – it's a celebration of our Legenderry city.

Join us for a meal to remember at Castle Street Social, where great taste meets great company.