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Newtownabbey Footgolf

Newtownabbey Footgolf is Northern Ireland's premier destination for footgolf enthusiasts. It's the first 18-hole course in the region, offering an excellent test of footgolf for players of all skill levels. The course is located in a peaceful and tranquil environment, boasting fantastic views of the Belfast Lough, Carnmoney Hill, and the Newtownabbey area. The course is full of wildlife and ancient trees, providing a beautiful and serene setting to play footgolf.

Footgolf is a great sport that combines the kicking of a football with the challenge of completing an 18-hole course. The aim is to complete each hole using as few shots as possible, with the winner being the player who uses the least shots to complete the course. The best part about footgolf is that anyone can play it, regardless of age or skill level. No need for lessons or clubs, just grab a ball and start kicking.

Newtownabbey Footgolf is an excellent choice for families, friends, and events. The course offers a fantastic opportunity to get outside, build friendships, and enjoy a day of fun with your loved ones. The average round takes approximately 1-2 hours, providing a great opportunity to spend a beautiful day in the great outdoors.

Whether you're looking to test your skills, enjoy some banter with your mates, or have a corporate team day, Newtownabbey Footgolf is the perfect place to do it. So, grab your ball, and come experience the thrill of playing footgolf in Northern Ireland's premier destination for the sport.