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St Brigid's Cathedral in Kildare Town is a historical and architectural gem that offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into Ireland's rich religious history. The cathedral was originally built in 1223 by the Norman Bishop Ralph of Bristol, but it is believed that the site has been a place of worship since the 5th century when Saint Brigid founded a nunnery on the grounds. The current cathedral is a restored version of the original, complete with many intriguing religious artefacts and historic treasures.

The cathedral's Gothic-style architecture reflects its dual purpose as both a place of defence and of religious worship. The structure boasts a 16th-century vault, early Christian and Norman carvings, and a High Cross. The cathedral's most impressive feature, however, is undoubtedly its round tower, which stands at an impressive 33 meters tall, making it the second highest in Ireland. The tower is constructed from Wicklow granite and local limestone and offers stunning panoramic views from the roof, which is open to visitors during the summer months.

In addition to exploring the cathedral and its impressive round tower, visitors can also enjoy the peaceful grounds surrounding the structure. Take a stroll around the lush green gardens, pause to admire the beautiful stained glass windows or simply sit and contemplate the cathedral's rich history.

St Brigid's Cathedral is a must-see destination for anyone interested in Ireland's religious heritage, and a visit here promises to be both educational and enlightening.