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Ardfert Cathedral, located in the beautiful village of Ardfert, County Kerry, is a treasure trove for history and architecture enthusiasts. Founded by St Brendan the Navigator, this ancient cathedral dates back to the twelfth century and stands as a testament to the rich heritage of Ireland.

One of the most remarkable features of the cathedral is the thirteenth-century window, which stands tall and dominates the space. Visitors are awe-inspired by the intricate and detailed work on this masterpiece. The south wall is another impressive feature with a row of nine lancets that add to the grandeur of the building.

The cathedral is not the only attraction in the area. Ardfert is also home to two smaller churches, which are equally fascinating. The late Romanesque church is a perfect example of Romanesque architecture, and its arches and columns are intricately designed.

Temple na Griffin, the other smaller church, is also a must-see. It is named after a stunning carving of a griffin and a dragon that are intertwined. This carving is unique and adds to the charm of the church.

Visitors to Ardfert Cathedral can explore the ancient ruins and marvel at the architecture of a bygone era. The history and culture of the area are brought to life through the various features of the cathedral, and visitors can get a sense of the significant role it played in Ireland's history.

Overall, Ardfert Cathedral is a fascinating and beautiful place that visitors to Ireland should not miss. It is a testament to the rich heritage and architectural achievements of Ireland's past, and its beauty will leave visitors with lasting memories.