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Explore the forgotten tradition of salt production on Achill Island at the Achill Island Sea Salt Visitor Centre, located in Bunacurry along the Wild Atlantic Way. This family business is inspired by the coastal surroundings and the passion for the ocean, creating a unique and award-winning hand-harvested sea salt.

Take a self-guided, behind-the-scenes tour to learn about the production process of sea salt. From the collection of pure sea water from the northern side of the island at the Valley Pier to the series of filters used to remove any particles, the result is a clean and pure sea salt with a soft flaky texture and concentrated salty taste. The rich mineral content of the sea water contributes to its distinctive texture and naturally clean, crystalline white appearance.

The Visitor Centre also features a small gift shop, offering a range of Irish food products made with Achill Island Sea Salt and an impressive display of Irish-designed gifts. And don't miss out on the delicious coffee and cake from The Salt Dock coffee truck outside the visitor centre.

But the unique flavor of Achill Island Sea Salt doesn't stop there. The range of products includes a smoked sea salt, seaweed salt, salted caramel fudge, and sliding tins of sea salt flakes, all made with the same care and tradition as the original hand-harvested sea salt.

Discover the timeless tradition of Achill Island Sea Salt, where tide meets table, and experience the unique flavor of this award-winning sea salt.